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Shirokuma + JUNES ☆

Shirokuma + JUNES ☆

いらっしゃいませ!ぶろぐへようこそ ♥

Shirokuma Town Dream Code: 1300-1230-3659
JUNES ☆ Town Dream Code: N/A
Aug 8 '13

Happiness is when your fat penguin villager is wearing your Levi Cleaning design XD

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Aug 8 '13

Set up a “DLC Room" in my house with the DLC items purchasable from catalog that I collected from various regions for people to street pass with ^^!!

DLC from Japan (before NA version was released):

  • Racoon Clock (November 2012 Item)
  • Festive Stump (December 2012 Item)
  • Sunrise Lamp (January 2013 Item)
  • Kagami Mochi (January 2013 Item)
  • Aurora Screen (February 2013 Item)
  • Sprout Table (March 2013 Item)
  • Sakura Clock (April 2013 Item)
  • Leaf Bed (May 2013 Item)
  • Notebook Wardrobe (Feb21 - Feb 27th Campus Spot Pass Item)
  • Eraser Sofa (Feb 28 - Mar 6th Campus Spot Pass Item)
  • Notebook Bed (Mar 7 - Mar 13th Campus Spot Pass Item)
  • Notepaper Wallpaper (Mar 14 - Mar 20th Campus Spot Pass Item)
  • Notebook Carpet (Mar 21 - Mar 27th Campus Spot Pass Item)
  • Sticker Tape (Mar 28 - April 3rd Campus Spot Pass Item)
  • Square Table (April 4 - April 10th Campus Spot Pass Item)
  • Pencil Screen (April 11 - April 17th Campus Spot Pass Item)

DLC from Korea:

  • Table Top (May 1 - May 7th 2013 Item)
  • Massage Chair (May 8 - May 14th 2013 Item)

DLC from North America:

  • Rainbow Screen (June 2013 Item)
  • Palm Tree Lamp (July 2013 Item)
  • Firework Table (August 2013 Item)
  • Cat Tower (July 13 - July 30th 2013 Best Buy Item)
  • Suitcase (July 14 - July 27th 2013 Best Buy Item)
  • Double Neck Guitar (July 28 - August 10th Best Buy Item)

DLC from Europe:

  • Frozen Slushie Machine (July 14 - July 28th Spot Pass Item)
  • White Police Cap (July 15 - July 28th Game Mania Item)

Note: There are other DLC items from these regions, but some are already in-game items, and many are also unavailable for purchase from the catalog. I only included the ones that are purchasable, as well was the items I have actually obtained :] I am still looking for a Yule Log or a Turkey Dinner from the Japanese DLC last year if any one has a spare ^^

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Aug 8 '13

An AMAZING house I found in my Happy Home Showcase! The first room is dedicated to Pikmin 3, and I’m assuming the upstairs is dedicated to Donkey Kong!! I love it!! Awesome job Corey from Kihei!

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Aug 8 '13
YES! /grabby hands to tea set!

YES! /grabby hands to tea set!

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Aug 7 '13
Through late September, New Leaf players will be able to collect exclusive items for their towns at Nintendo Zone locations. The first item, a pumpkin pie, will be available when the program begins on Aug. 11. New items will be distributed every two weeks.
— Starting August 11th!!

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Aug 7 '13
Connect to Nintendo Zone then visit your post office & ask Pelly about a present. The first one is a special Pumpkin Pie! #NintendoDirectNA
— (Re: DLC in August from Nintendo Zone) Nintendo Direct 8.7.2013

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Aug 6 '13


Giveaway time again!! All prizes come from my button shop!

Winner will receive THREE (3) of their choice of any single buttons, from any collection, in my shop. Each button is hand-pressed, made and stored in a smoke-free environment, and measures 2.25 inches across.


1. REBLOG ONCE TO ENTER. You only need to reblog once. This is so people who don’t want to reblog a million times have the same chance as those who would do so. Reblog one time only! Likes don’t count.

2. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWING ME. This giveaway is for anyone who loves Animal Crossing. However, if you want to follow, you can catch more updates from my store and for future giveaways.

3. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PARENTS’ PERMISSION TO ENTER. By entering you (or your parents if you are under 18 years old) are agreeing that you are OK with giving me your address if you win so I can send these to you.

4. I SHIP WORLDWIDE! I am shipping out of the United States and I will send to almost anywhere in the world. If there are difficulties we can work it out. 

5. HAVE YOUR ASK BOX OPEN. If you win and I can’t get ahold of you within 24 hours of the giveaway ending I will choose someone else.


As per Tumblr’s giveaway guidelines I will mention that this giveaway is handled entirely by me and is not associated with Tumblr in any way, and if you win your information will only be seen by me and will not be shared or used for any other purpose than to send you this. ^_^

Lastly, if you want to skip all this giveaway business and guarantee yourself some buttons they are currently for sale in my shop!

Thanks for looking and good luck! Feel free to message/fanmail me with any questions!

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Aug 5 '13
Just another reason I super love Cookie!

Just another reason I super love Cookie!

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Aug 5 '13

WAHHHH~~ When I went to open my gates, Porter finally suggested the train station renovation public work! He’s so cute ^^! I wonder what jerks were pushing to have the plans scrapped :(

Even my JPN town doesn’t have a renovated train station yet (because I don’t open the gates often ^^;;). I decided my town would be modern so I ordered the modern station. The eastern style station looks so cool too though!!

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