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Shirokuma + JUNES ☆

Shirokuma + JUNES ☆

いらっしゃいませ!ぶろぐへようこそ ♥

Shirokuma Town Dream Code: 1300-1230-3659
JUNES ☆ Town Dream Code: N/A
May 21 '13

Yes!!! I finally got my golden shovel today (for purchasing 50 fertilizer)!! 

So I immediately decided to replace the trees by my house with money trees with 10,000 bell bags. Four days to find out how they turn out~

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    I hope they’ll have a app you can download on iTunes for acnl. Like they do for animal crossing wild world.
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    golden shovels make money tree sprouts if you burry bells. the more bells you bury the more likely the money tree will...
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    Wait a second does this work? I am so confused… Can somebody explain the burying money thing to me?
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